I do not have a "yoga body." By that I mean no one has a "yoga body." By that I mean everyone has a body capable of yoga. As long as there is breath and conciousness, there is yoga. 

Years ago I scoffed at my friend asking me to join her for yoga. I thought I wasn't flexible enough. What a fallacious argument! I'm not flexible enough to do something to help me become more flexible. However, several years on my path has shown me that flexibility is just a happy byproduct of yoga, not even a goal. Not only that, but that flexibility of thought is so much more important. 

Through my physical practice, I have found a deeper awareness and understanding of my body and have been witness to my boundaries slowly moving and changing. My understanding of anatomy from massage school helps me deepen my asanas and helps me empathize with my clients and students as I guide them through movement. I have realized the importance of intentionality and breath. It is through the breath that presence and change occurs. Breathe into change.