(Sara Katelyn Yeater) or Sky is a licensed Massage Therapist, who has seen an array of muscular and nervous symptoms in her years as a bodyworker. She came to massage therapy and yoga through Thai Yoga Massage. It was her gateway to a path of health and well-being. Through this modality, Sky and her clients have seen long-lasting and comprehensive results. It is now her goal and passion to spread awareness of Thai Massage and to slowly educate the body out of rigidity. Sky is also a Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor and is a RYT200 Certified Yoga Instructor.

Sky has INCREDIBLE skills, a very thoughtful and intelligent touch, and is great at listening to muscles and helping to find release. Basically, a local treasure. Do yourself a favor and try it out. You deserve it!
- Jonathan Stein

Sky's intuitive way of listening to the calls of not only the physical body but of the emotional and the energetic as well, provides healing in the sweetest way possible.

-Anne Bendixen

​I have been seeing Sky for about 2 years. I had terrible, debilitating pain in my hips, but when I see her once a week, I am able to live pain-free! LOVE her!

-Kelly Browning

Thai Yoga Massage, or "lazy yoga" as it is often referred to the the West, is an ancient healing art, approximately 2000 years old, originating in Thailand from the influences of Yoga practiced in India. This bodywork stimulates blood flow, lubricates the joints, and enriches the flow of energy from foot to head.

Why foot to head? Because Thai Yoga Massage is performed *fully clothed (please wear flexible clothing) on a thickly padded mat on the floor and the practitioner works up along the "seams" of the body to assess the areas of restriction. Mat work provides the therapist greater access to difficult and deep muscles and provides the client with

the ability to melt . 

Equally rejuvenating as it is relaxing, this modality includes supported stretches, passive movement of the client's limbs to create mobility in the joints, followed by compression in areas of restriction to gain fuller range of motion. Clients often comment on feeling taller and more limber after a session. 

Experience relief from: SI Joint issues, Sciatic Nerve impingement, tight hip flexors, IT Band tightness, Lumbar Disc pain, "frozen shoulder", and "Tech Neck."

The session is always catered to the recipient based on individual needs and past injuries/surgeries. One does not need to be flexible to receive Thai Massage, one gains flexibility through the maintenance of the joints and attention to the tight muscles.

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